Sequoia Wild Heritage Project - Business Support for Senator Boxer's California Wild Heritage Bill

We currently (as of 10/30/02) have the following local Tulare County businesses as signers of the Business Support Letter below:

Joan Rubenstein MD, family physician, Fowler

David and Billie Chandler, Springville, David Chandler Co., Educational Materials for Astronomers

Bill Hobbs, Architect, Visalia, Hobbs Architect Group

Terry and Carol Manning, Springville, Cider House Foods, Manufacturers and Wholesalers of Apple Specialties Products

Judy Newton MPT, Visalia, physical therapist.

Garcia Machine, Richard and Beverly Garcia, Visalia, manufacturer of bear-proof backpacker's canisters

Graphic Express-Printing - Craig Lindaman - Visalia

Valley Voice-Newspaper - John Lindt - Visalia

Sandy Sheriffs MD-Fowler

Margaret Lindt MFCC (Marriage, Family and Children Counselor)

Quaker Oaks Farms-Christmas tree farm-Bill Lovett-Visalia

Better Business Banners-Banner makers-Ethan Dutton-Visalia

Hansen's Biological Consulting - Rob Hansen, biologist

Gary Lindquist, D.V.M., veterinarian. Partner of Care Courtyard Veterinary Clinic

Collins and Schoettler, Planning Consultants - Greg Collins, Partner and former Mayor of City of Visalia

School of Blacksmithing - Mark Aspery, Blacksmith, Owner

Senior Care Financial Services - Cynthia Koval, Owner

Carole Combs, Three Rivers, Consultant, Non-profit Development

For State-wide endorsers, see:

State-Wide Supporters - organizations, faith groups, and businesses. (Link no longer available.)
Wild Vintage - Winemakers Working to Protect California's Last Wild Places.

Business Support Letter
Senator Boxer's California Wild Heritage Bill

As California residents and business leaders representing both economic and community interests, we encourage you to support the protection of California's wild places by endorsing S. 2535, the California Wild Heritage Act of 2002.

There are many reasons to do business in California, but one of the most important is that California is a great place to live, work, and raise our families. A vital part of this quality of life is California's diverse wild lands and rivers.

Many of our businesses are directly tied to these wild places by providing recreational equipment to climb the White Mountains, groceries for a river trip down the Kern, a place to sleep after a hike in Big Sur, or a fishing guide to explore the Pit River.

Many others are tied to our wild lands and rivers because they attract talented employees and dedicated customers to our businesses.

In either case, protecting our public lands and rivers provides many benefits for California's businesses and residents, including:

Economic Viability

Tourism employs a high percentage of California's workforce, especially in rural areas. For example, over 34 percent of the workforce in Calaveras County is tourism related. And in Mono County, tourism spending reached $316 million in 1996, accounting for 71% of total payroll (Sierra Nevada Wealth Index, Sierra Business Council, 1999, p. 110). It is estimated that visitors to wilderness areas generate $44 per acre per year of spending in nearby communities - contributing nearly one job for every 550 acres of wilderness. Clearly these natural areas are closely linked to our economic viability.

Clean Water and Air

California's 18 national forests are the source of 60% of our clean drinking water supply. Further, our wild lands help to improve air quality by acting as filters for pollutants. Protecting these resources is vitally important to all Californians.

Quality of Life

Our public lands are a source of pride and enjoyment for tens of millions of Americans. They have become an integral part of California's tradition and culture. Many important experiences, values and memories are forged around the campfire, along a trail, or on a river. Future generations should have the same opportunity to share these experiences and wild lands and rivers with their families and friends.

California's remaining wild places and economy will benefit from the California Wild Heritage Act of 2002. As business leaders, we ask for your support to protect the wild places that make this state a great place to live, work, and play - now and in the future.


Here are just a few of our California business supporters:

Yvon Chouinard Patagonia, Inc.

Mark Paigen President & CEO Chaco, Inc.

William McGinnis President Whitewater Voyages

Tammy Deranleau National Geographic Maps

Menno van Wyk Montrail

Jeff Mendelsohn New Leaf Paper

Mike Wallenfels Vice President, Sales and Marketing Mountain Hardwear

If your business will add your support, please send a copy to us at:

Sequoia Wild Heritage Project
P.O. Box 3543
Visalia, CA 93278