Sequoia Wild Heritage Project - Wilderness Links
Giant Sequoias on the Camp Nelson Trail of Slate Mountain Proposed Wilderness

Our mission is to add existing roadless areas of the Sequoia National Park, National Forest, and National Monument to the National Wilderness Preservation System.

Alert - Forest Service Bushwhacks Monument (Link no longer available)


  • California Wild Heritage Project (Link no longer available.)
  • California Wilderness Coalition
  • Sierra Club California Wilderness (Link no longer available.)


  • Campaign for America's Wilderness - California
  • Economic Benefits of Wilderness - by Thomas Michael Power, Professor and chair of the University of Montana Department of Economics.
  • Economic Values of Protecting Roadless Areas - a study prepared by John B. Loomis, PhD., Professor of Agriculture and Resource Economics at Colorado State University, including both national and California-specific data. (Link no longer available.)
  • Economic Benefits of Wilderness - by Dr. Pete Morton, resource economist the Wilderness Society (Link no longer available.)
  • Sierra Club Wildlands Campaign (Link no longer available.)
  • The Wilderness Society
  • Wilderness Information Network
  • Wild Wilderness - Opposing user fees for forest recreation (Link no longer available.)
  • Famous Wilderness Quotes (Link no longer available.)
  • John Muir Exhibit - Inspiring words from the champion of wilderness whose call has never been more relevant!